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If an ATM Doesn't Give You Money After Withdrawal, Then Do This Immediately

It is a very rare occurrence, yet a frustrating one, when an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) doesn't give you money, gives you less than what has been withdrawn or cash gets stuck on it. It should be noted in all these circumstances, the bank will still record that money was withdrawn.

Even though the situation can be rectified, it can send shivers down our spine as we may not be sure if the bank will buy our story or it may land us in more trouble and security be called on us.

The withdrawal issue happens when the ATM is malfunctioning or some fraud has been detected. Use these simple steps on how you can retrieve your cash.

1. Although the bank can get the notification of shortcomings from their ATM almost immediately, don't take chances but report to the bank for a follow-up.

2. Do not make another attempt of withdrawing money from the machine because it might have been compromised by fraudsters who are looking to get your hard-earned money.

3. If the withdrawal was done after the banking halls have been closed, kindly call the card issuer or the bank to report the problem. Their numbers can be found on the walls of the ATM room and/or card.

If the following are followed promptly, the bank will take time to do their investigations by check CCTV cameras and the cash balance that was in the ATM. They will definitely get back to you after close to 3-4 weeks with an answer although reimbursement is not 100 per cent guaranteed depending on the outcome of the investigation.

Has the same ever happened to you or any person you know? Did they refund you? Share your story in the comment section and don't forget to like and share.

Content created and supplied by: HelenMalkia (via Opera News )

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