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The Most Genuine Loan Apps in Kenya

There are many mobile lending apps out there snd lam sure many people are confused about which sre the genuine ones from the fakr one.Well,here are the genuine loan apps in Kenya;

1•Tala _This app requires one to have a smartphone and s good Mpesa track record to access their loans.To determine your loan limit,the App depends on your Mpesa transaction activities. You shouldn't delete your mpesa messages.

The loans are disbursed through your mpesa account,and the minimum limit is ksh 500,with s maximum of ksh 50,000 at an interest rateof 15%.

The loan to be paid back in weekly instalments for three weeks through Mpesa paybill number 851900.Loan defaulters arerestricted from qualifying for future investments.

2•Branch Loan App

To qualify for credit using this app,you need to be a registered mpesa user and have an official active Facebook account with user namess marching those in your National lD Card.

The minimum limit is ksh 250,and the maximum loan limit is 70,000.The loan is disbursed via Mpesa,and the interest rate is dependent on repayment of the weekly instalments by the due date ,which ultimately increases the credit score and decreases the interests rate.

3•Zenka Loan App _Zenka is among new loan.When you apply for first loan ,and repay it,they only took the initial loan amount,meaning the first loan is free. Zenka finance owns zenka ,and they promise loans in the range of 500 to 30,000 payable in 61 days.

4•Okash Loan App _ Okash claims to offer loans of up to 500,000 depending on the applicant's credit score.

5•ipesa Loan App _ipesa offers loans from ad little ad 500 Kenya Shillings to 50,000 and hax new loan term of between 0 to 6%and a variable service fee of 5%to 10%.

Thus are among the top genuine loan apps in Kenya. Try one today and you won't regret.

Content created and supplied by: Lukayu (via Opera News )

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