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How To Survive On Little Income.

Majority do find it very difficult to sail through in life with little income.

Here are some of the tips that can help one to manage this situation:

1.Proper Prier Planning.

Plan well before the payday. This will help you spend only on what you budgeted for and avoid pulse buying which may make the money not to reach the next payday.

2. Do Not Compare Your Life With Others.

People can never be equal in life. Live your life. Don't try to copy what you may not afford. You will stress yourself for no reason.

3. Avoid Alcohol.

The moment your start taking alcohol you will end up spending all your money in alcohol and friends before the next payday forcing you to starve or go for debts.

4. Be Contented.

Be satisfied with what you have and appreciate, don't plan for what you can't afford.

5. Know Your Priorities.

Buy only what you need at that time and avoid luxurious life.

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