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Rigathi Gachagua Explains Why He Doesn't Bank His Money

Mathira Mp Rigathi Gachagua have opened up in a certain interview that he doesn't bank some of his money.

”What has happened is that many people have stopped banking. I myself don’t bank some of the money that I make from my farm. Why? Because I have to explain how and where I got the money. When I was planting nobody asked me questions but when I want to deposit the money I have made after a harvest I have to do so,” he explained.

Gachagua explains that the government is supposed to offer services but they brought too much governance into people’s lives. For anyone to deposit a million shillings in a financial institution, one have to answer too many questions. He says that everyone is not confident with his own money.

He says that Africans are not even comfortable discussing the number of cows or sheep they have. It is against our tradition and so is money.

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