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How to live a healthy life after Retirement

Hello guys, the day will come when you will retire whether you like it or not.


1. One Day You will Retire: You will have less or even no impact or invest wisely on your retirement plan

2. How Do you utilize your leave days: Do not just watch TV; gossip and Talk about BBI, learn a skill or visit someone whom you can learn from, do something that prepares you for retirement

3. Have assets which can be rented or converted into cash: Invest in stock exchange markets who pays good dividends, plant cash trees, rear goats, cultivate vegetables etc These activities will ensure constant flow of money this keeping you healthy.

4. Start a hobby: Acquire marketable skills like rearing chicken or farming. Try to keep yourself busy this lower the chances of being depressed.

5. Retire in Upcountry : living in towns when you retire is expensive and stressful. Move to a less expensive and stressful town.

6. Independent.: By the time you retire your children should be adults and self reliant.

7. Where shall you retire: Build yourself a house. Don’t retire and start stressing yourself with landlords or refuse to vacate houses provided by government.

8. Invest for your Retirement: Your children are not your retirement investment. Be ready to care for yourself. You will also lose your dignity and respect if you adopt a life of begging

9. Live a simple life: Avoid luxurious life at all cost .This will keep you healthy and at rest.


1. Lack of mental preparedness

2. Lack of constant flow of money

3. Depression

4. Anxiety in luxurious life this contributing to diseases

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