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Control your spending

Many people are not even aware that they have bad spending habits untill suddenly they check their bank accounts and find that it is empty.In this article am going to share habits that I think are useful to control your habits.

1. Track your spending_You may trackYour spending by either using tracking apps or actually recording all your expense on a notebook.This will help you to be realize how much you spend on a daily basis or even a weekly basis.

2.Keep less money on you_This will help you reduce the urge to spend your money. However,you need to have money for daily expenses and emergences on you.

3. Know your wants and needs_ You need to learn to spend your money on the things that are necessary for you. This is Will help you stop spending money that you do not have.

4.Practise the pause _This is to pause for a while before purchasing an item.Take time to evaluate the quality and price of an item at different places.Take the time also to think of you really need the product this will help you reduce impulse buying.

5. Bugdet your money_This will help you decide on the quantity of items you really need and how much they will cost you.

6.Buy in bulk_When you actually go to the wholesaler and buy in bulk you will realize that some goods are cheaper when you buy in bulk.

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