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"Kama Ni Hivi Hatutaki" Here Is What Happens When You Do Not Repay Hustler Fund, Kenyans React

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Citizen Digital, have left Kenyans reacting on different social media platforms. This is after they alleged what will happen to those ones who will fail to repay hustler fund after borrowing.

According to the source, the interest rate will be adjusted to 9.5% per annum 15 days after the date of default aa are below:

Source Citizen Digital

Now, this news concerning what will happen to those ones who will borrow hustler fund and refuse to repay on time, has gone viral on different social media platforms where by, it's sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to say that these terms and conditions are too tough while, others are out saying that it's better to not borrow if this is how it will work at the same time.

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Anyway, what do you have to say about these terms and conditions of hustler fund that have raised eyebrows online? Share your thoughts as you share this news to your friends.

Thanks for reading my news and don't forget to follow me for the latest news around the region. Below are some reactions:

@ahr: kama ni hivi hatutaki basi.

@vsit: apo kwa frozen my accounts ndo sijapenda.

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Citizen Digital Kama Ni Hivi Hatutaki Kenyans


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