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5 Tips On How To Keep Your ATM Safe While Withdrawing Money At Bank

Security is a very important factor in our day to day lives. Another part of our lives that has necessitated more security is our financial part. Most Kenyan specifically use banks to keep their money and Transact but do they think about how secure that is.

Use of ATM machines to withdraw money has led to some loss of data and money. Most ATMs are in public well lit areas where there is huge human traffic. How do you keep your information and ATM Secure? Here are some tips on protecting yourself from crime and financial distress.

1. Make sure to take receipts or transaction records with you always. 

This is very important as it will avoid leakage of personal information to the wrong hands. Any transactions done that the ATM comes with a receipt, so make sure to take it with you because if it lands it the wrong hands, you'll be doomed 

2. Use your body as a “shield” to the ATM keyboard as you enter your PIN. 

You should be very careful with this since people make mistakes here. When you notice someone lingering around you, just give way and go away. You can come back later and complete your transaction. Ensure that you keep a reasonable distance when using it in a public space. You shouldn't let anyone stand behind or close to you since they might be spying on your personal details especially your PIN. Also avoid writing thr PIN anywhere including on the card itself since it proves more risky. 

3. Thirdly, you have to be aware of your immediate surroundings. Take note of the people around that area. Some people might be there repeatedly walking around with no clear intention. Some might be in vehicles watching you and might later follow you after withdrawing money. 

4. After withdrawing the money, you should not openly display it. In case you want to count the money, just wait until you find a secure place to do so. Just put the money in your wallet or purse after withdrawing it. 

5. When going to an ATM, have the card ready with you so that you will not inconvenience yourself checking on your purse for the card. With that, you'll be denying criminals a a chance of catching you off guard. 

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