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If you want to be rich you must sacrifice the following things.

Everyone in this country or even all over the world yearns to be rich. however most of these people who want to be rich and stable in life do not want to sacrifice whatsoever. For one to be rich they must be ready to sacrifice the following things.

1) Give up your easy life.

being in a comfort zone is one of the factors which leads to poverty among youth people. Therefore, in case your want to be rich you must be ready to sacrifice and move out of your comfort zone.

2) Sacrifice the fear of losing.

Fear of unknown is also one of the major factors which leads to failure to those who yearn to be successful in life. Therefore, it is advisable that each one of us remove fear from our brains in order to allow ourselves to pursue the unthinkable. For example, if you have some little money you must be ready to sacrifice and invest into something that will propel you to high levels without the fear of losses.

3) Stop blaming people for your mistakes.

In case you want to be successful,you should be responsible of your own feelings without blaming anybody around you. blaming people around you is one of the things that will make you feel more and more so you must be responsible for your own mistakes and correct them immediately.

4) Sacrifice your social media and TV.

Staying too much on social media might affect your concentration and focus on your goals of investment.

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