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How To Make Money through Mpesa In Kenya online

Nowadays, M-PESA allows you to link your M-PESA line to PayPal and make bank transfers quickly and easily.

So, if you're wondering how to generate money online in Kenya using M-PESA, here are seven brilliant ideas to get you started.

1. Sign up for online writing jobs

Consider performing online writing if you have a computer, good internet, and some spare time.

You can work as an academic writer, getting paid to do assignments and research projects. UvoCorp, Falcon Writers, and Professional Writers Kenya are some of the best companies that accept M-PESA payments.

If the assignment concept doesn't appeal to you, you can try content writing. In content writing, you create web-specific content such as blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, and product reviews.

Upwork is, in general, the best firm for this. Upwork is a popular freelance employment site where you may locate a variety of online positions.

2. Starting affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is worth looking into if you have a blog or a large social media following. You must propose things to your audience, and you will receive a commission if they purchase them.

You might earn a 1-13 percent commission depending on the firm with whom you collaborate. You may earn up to 13% commission by partnering with ecommerce behemoth Jumia.

The best thing is that your money arrives in your M-PESA account.

Kilimall and E-Mart are two other excellent affiliate networks that you can join to earn money using M-PESA.

3. Participating in online surveys

Online surveys may not pay well in Kenya, but they are a convenient method to supplement your income.

You may engage in online surveys on the go with a smartphone and receive a few hundred dollars in your M-PESA account.

You can earn between Ksh 50 and Ksh 500 per survey, depending on the survey business you join.

Mobrog, Triaba, Palm Research Kenya, and GeoPoll are among Kenya's best payers.

4. Investing in M-Akiba bond

Did you know that you can contribute the Kenyan government as little as Ksh 3000 to fund various infrastructure projects? That is, after all, the purpose of an M-Akiba bond.

After you purchase M-Akiba bonds, the government gives you a ten percent interest payment every six months, providing you with a stable source of income. The best aspect is that the interest you make is tax-free, which is something every Kenyan desires.

You can purchase M-Akiba bonds using M-PESA by phoning *899# and following the prompts.

5. Flip items online

Are you a natural salesperson? Then try flipping stuff. M-PESA is a clever approach to discover how to generate money online in Kenya.

This type of online work entails purchasing products for a low price and then listing them for sale online at a higher price.

A classic example is when you buy cheap furniture locally and then sell it on, formerly OLX, for a somewhat higher price.

You'll ask buyers to pay you via M-PESA because you'll be dealing with them directly.

6. Trying your luck through betting

Kenyan sports bettors now have a new moniker. Because of the millions of dollars in weekly jackpot prizes, they are no longer gamblers but investors.

Well, online betting is a craze in Kenya, given that so many people lose their hard-earned money. But still, an equally impressive number receive thousands and some even millions of Kenyan shillings as payouts.

Interestingly, a site like 22Bet allows you to deposit a minimal wager of Ksh 22 yet can earn you thousands if lucky. They offer great odds, and you can enjoy free bets as a welcome gift.

7. Start an E-commerce store

In Kenya, you don't need a brick-and-mortar store to sell products and make money. You can open an ecommerce store that caters to Kenyans and accept payments via M-PESA.

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