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Good News To All Hustlers After Hustler Fund Repayment Period Set At 14 Days

Today at the Green Park terminus in Nairobi County, President William Ruto and His deputy will formally introduce the Hustler Fund, which they started.

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Every Kenyan who may need one will be able to use this fund for start-up loans, micro-loans, SME loans, and personal loans.Those who are interested in the Hustler Fund loan will be offered amounts ranging from 500 shillings to 50,000 shillings.NTV news reports state that the Hustler Fund repayment period will last fourteen days, and individuals who don't pay by then risk having their credit limit decreased.

"With a 14-day repayment period and an annual interest rate of eight percent calculated per day, a customer who borrows KES500 will pay back KES 501.53 after 14 days, representing KES 1.53 in interest.If the loan is not paid back within 14 days, the customer’s credit rating is affected, and they are given an additional 15 days. The interest rate rises to 9.5% a year if the loan is still not repaid." As per the reports.What do you believe?

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