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Top 3 Highest Dividends Paying Saccos In Kenya In 2021

By definition, a dividend is the sum of money one acquires from a Sacco out of profits and reserves made for a particular length of time given either monthly, quarterly ( after every three months), semi annually ( after every six months), or annually ( after every year) depending with the policies of the Sacco.

Below are the top three highest dividend paying Saccos in Kenya in 2021;

1. Stima Sacco

Founded in 1974, Stima Sacco has gradually grown over the years and has became one of the best and most reliable Saccos one should be advised to join in the country. Its membership is open to all the Kenyan citizens and also accepts memberships from individuals, groups, and corporates.

2. The Kenya Police Sacco

After being registered in 1972, The Kenya Police Sacco began its operations in 1973. Its membership is open to all Kenyans contrary to its name, and pays dividends and interests annually to all members who have balances in deposits and offers loans for up to three-times of an individual's savings at the rate of 13.5% p.a within a period of 48 months.

3. The Safaricom Sacco

The Safaricom Sacco was established in 2001 and in order to acquire membership, one is required to contribute Ksh. 3400 towards an individual share capital of Ksh. 40,000. The Sacco pays dividends on share capital to all members who have met the statutory minimum shares of the Ksh. 40,000.

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