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How to Evade M-pesa Fraud

M-pesa is the method of sending money from one user to another through the use of mobile phone. Following the past few weeks many cases of m-pesa theft have increased leaving behind panic to other mobile money operators.

The new trend and tricks commonly used by fraudulent, have gone unnoticed as many falls victims of such. Ways of staying vigilant is through;

a) Avoid unnecessary or personal talk with the unfamiliar faces or customer while operational, as they will try to get to know your weakness better and use against you.

b) Never leave mpesa mobile phone undisclosed. They might get access to it and end up sending money when you are not keen enough.

c) Mpesa mobile phone should not be handed to any customer regardless of how he or she tries to trick you to fall to trap.

d) Never allow or should you be given customer Mobile phones to communicate with Safaricom customer care service. Safaricom will only calls you on the mpesa mobile phone.

e) your personal phone should not be given to customer for service purposes. They may sneak in through and alter you phone contact later on calling you pretending to be Safaricom agent and con you.

Content created and supplied by: kipropkelvin254 (via Opera News )

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