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USA Reveals Kenya's Shs 138 Billion Secret Corona Virus Loan

The corona virus pandemic continues to inflict pain on the world, disrupting world order and economy as well. African countries have suffered the most, with their economy being brought down at an alarming rate. These countries however, have been receiving money and aid from developed countries and other lending institutions.

And now reports have emerged that Kenyan government received a total of 138 billion secret Kenyan shillings from US government. It is reported that the loan was received last year with alot of secrecy, that it failed to capture public's hawked eyes.

Kenyans showed dissatisfaction with the loans alleged to be borrowed by Kenyan government.Here are some of the top comments.

Robert. This is not good at all. Where did the money went to! USA should stop funding Kenya without proper plans and disclosure of loans.

Victoria :Unbelievable cannot imagine. Taken by the same people who will not take the vaccine. The underlying motivation is obvious.

Disciple:After his tenure, Uhuru shall be held responsible for his acts of commission and omissions. This ain't not how to run a country.

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