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Get Paid Ksh 100 to Ksh 500 from the following simple ways.

Are you wondering how to make money in these hard times. Without formal employment, generating income from informal sources can be quite hard, but here are some of the ways one can do to earn money.

1. Online cyber services

With a smartphone and internet connection, you can offer cyber services like applying helb loans for students, filing KRA tax returns and even doing research for students at a fee. All that is required is internet skills.

2. Selling second hand clothes

Also known as mitumba, one can hawk these clothes at a small profit.

3. Selling no longer needed items.

If you have items in your house that you no longer use, instead of disposing them, why not sell them off? Advertise them on social media and you'll get a buyer.

4. Casual jobs.

You can also engage in casual jobs like Washing clothes, chopping firewoods at a fee.

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KRA mitumba


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