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Checkout The Amount of Money you can get Back by Saving 1000 in Your M-shwari Account for one Year

If you need to start a certain projection that will need large amount of money, saving it for a a period of time is quite nice. Most people finds its so hard to save in their accounts because, sometimes they end up using the same money for another unplanned ways. Right now you can also save on your M-shwari account easily for a long period of time until you gather the enough money you need.All you just need to do is activate your M-shwali account and start a saving scheme. The best way to save in M-shwari is locking your account for a certain periods of time. Locking the account means you can't be able to withdraw that money before it reaches a certain amount or before a certain date. M-shwari will help you to set your target and the only time you can withdraw the money is after reaching your targets.

If for an example you lock your saving account for 6 month with a target of 10,000,you can withdraw this money after six month and after you get to that amount of money. The best thing about saving with M-shwali is that you also build your credit. The more you save the more you stand to get higher limits anytime you want a loan.

The best thing with saving through the M-shwari is that you can easily deposit your saving through the mpesa. This means if you are working on a small business firm that earns a certain amount of money everyday, you just need to deposit your money in the evening and send it to your M-shwari saving account. M-shwari gives a saving interest rate of 6.65 per unnum. This mean that if you deposit Ksh 1000 in your saving account for one year, you will get Ksh 66 interest. The more money you save the more interest you make. This account will help you to save for long time and also grow your loan limit. Please share.

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