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10 Quotes To Change Your Financial Status From The Psychology Of Money Book.

According to this book doing well with money has little to do with how smart you are or how much you know but a lot to do with how you behave. The following quotes will guide you to master the money game.

1. "Be careful who you praise and admire. Be careful who you look down upon and wish to avoid becoming."

2. "Rich is the current income. Wealth is income not spent. Wealth is hard because it requires self-control."

3. "Everything has a price, but not all prices appear on labels."

4. "Saving is the gap between your ego and your income."

5. "More than I want big returns, I want to be financially unbreakable."

6. "In fact, the most important part of every plan is planning on your plan not going according to plan."

7. "A good rule of thumb for a lot of things in life is that everything that can break will eventually break."

8. "One of the most powerful ways to increase your savings isn’t to raise your income. It’s to raise your humility."

9. "The hardest financial skill is getting the goalpost to stop moving."

10. "Warren Buffett’s net worth is $84.5 billion. Of that, $84.2 billion was accumulated after his 50th birthday."

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