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Avoid Crying of Being Broke Instead Do the Following to Earn Money

Due to the crisis there are a lot of financial challenges among people thus making life more difficult.Today I would like to share with you some ideas on how to make extra money.

1.Cyber business

You might have a laptop or desktop at home with a stable internet connection but you don't make good use of the gadgets.Ask yourself this question "do internet just earn from you or you earn from internet?" You can use that opportunity to open a cyber cafe to provide some essential services to people since most of the people lack access to computers.This will help you earn so money to improve your income

2.Participate in paid online surveys

Another way to earn extra cash is by participating in paid online surveys. There are a lot of apps that offer online surveys and pay you good cash, apps like ipoll, geopoll and swagbucks are legit paying apps. It only involves answering simple question and you are good to go

3.Become a freelancer

Freelancing involves writing of articles and getting paid.There are slot of companies in kenya that offers opportunity to writers to enable them market their products and earn from it.You might be good in grammar and editing,don't wait,join freelancing groups and earn good money.

Another method is through transcribing.This involves listening to audios and making correction through typing what you have heard,that simple and you earn real cash!!

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