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10 Reasons Why You Are Still Broke

you have one stream of income have several sources on income.

You want to get rich quick it's take time and consistency don't fall for get rich quick skims. procrastination : if you have an idea of a business or side hustle that you want to start you should work on immediately stop postponing .fear lazy opportunities without actions is useless get up and work

Waste time make time everyone has 24 hrs like me and you gourd your time stop watching Netflix while you could be learning new skill networking try to figure out the time you have free and how you can maximise it by having side hustle. Planning your income well will prevent you from misusing your money .

savings you should have six months worth of expenditure saved, savings are important because in case of an emergency you have funds that can help you solve the problem not asking for loans when you have emergency.

Surrounding yourself with the wrong people you should choose wisely the people you associate yourself with both physical and intellectually as they will greatly impact how you conduct your work. Avoid those people who are always asking to go out and drink or party and start walking with people who impact your life positively.

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