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How To Build A Permanent House Without Going For Bank Loans.

Most people think that one cannot build a permanent house unless you go for loans. That is a very bad mentality that we should come out from. Though it's expensive for those people with little income but you can use these tips to do so:

1.Through Savings.

Savings is the best. Even if it takes you years but at the end you can build out of it minus going for loans that might stress you paying back.

2.You Can As Well Buy The Building Materials In Bits.

One can decide to be buying the materials maybe every month or every week depending on you mode of getting money. This will help you avoid the pain you would have felt paying loans.

3. Through Investments.

From your little income, you can start a small business. And if the business picks, you can build your house out of this minus loans.

Loans are not bad but take a loan for an income generating project that can help you pay back the loan. Not taking loan to build a house that won't bring income.

What's your take on this?

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