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Loan Borrowers Suffer A Big Blow As The Government Issues These New Directives

Loan borrowers suffer a big blow as the government issues these new directives. The Government of Kenya has been playing a major role to ensure that all its citizens are well protected in all aspects, as a result, when the Covid 19 Pandemic hit this country, all the businesses were closed, all companies were also closed and some government offices were closed. This led to the suffering of the most of the Kenyans and therefore the government directed all the banks to offer Covid 19 loans to their customers and tax relief.

All Kenyans were much relieved from financial challenges when all banks allowed their customers to take Covid 19 loans relief which summed up to shs 569bn and offered them with tax relief. Unfortunately now the time of Covid 19 loans relief has now reached to an end and therefore all Covid 19 loan borrowers risk to be listed in the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB). This is a big blow to the loan borrowers because once they fail to pay the loans as soon as possible, they will end up listed in CRB.

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