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Simple Steps to Follow with a Small Income and Grow Yourself Financially

Are you a person earning a small income, say ksh 20000 monthly either from an employer or your own business? Have you ever asked yourself questions like, what can I even do with this small income? How can I get a larger income? How can I accomplish my financial goals with this income? How do I survive with this high cost of living? and so many more questions.

The truth is, this income of ksh 20000 is small or useful depending on how you view it or how you think financially.

Anyway here are some some small tips to help you navigate and accomplish your financial goals with this income.

To start with, you must eliminate the thought that your income is small and put in the thought that your income is actually small but useful and you need. Once you do this, you will always have the morale to wake up everyday and go to work bearing in mind that you are after something good, SUCCESS.

Now let us do some some small mathematics to this what you can achieve with this income.

You need to find a rental house of not more than ksh 4500 monthly including electricity and water bills and preferably near the place of work to avoid paying fare.

If you are living alone, which is actually the case for most people earning this income, you can estimate your monthly budget to be ksh 3000 and strictly stick to it. You can get some mitumba clothes and shoes to keep you going for the meantime before you establish yourself well. Remember you don't want to spend too much.

You can also put side some ksh 3000 for clothing and some unforeseen circumstances.

This bring a total expenses of Ksh 10500 monthly, meaning you will be left with at least 9500 every month.

Now save this 9,500 in a Sacco for a period of maybe 7 months, this means you will be having a sum Ksh 66,500.

Now figure out what kind of business you want to setup or anything useful you might want to do with this money. Lets assume you decide to purchase a motorbike. This will cost you around ksh 65000 depending on the type of motorbike you are buying. Look for some who will be operating this motorbike for you as you continue with your other work.

This motorbike will be earning you an average of ksh 300 per day whether its a good day or a bad day. Now you have an extra income of ksh 9000 monthly in addition to your ksh 20000 a total of 29,000. This means that you will be saving ksh 18500 monthly instead of ksh 9,500. Save this money for a period of say four months and you will have ksh 74000. Get yourself another brand new motorbike and assign it to some one and save the remaining amount.

Even before a year is over now, you have a total income of ksh 38000 monthly which means you can now save upto 25000 per month.

Assuming that you are able to reach up to 4 motorbikes, this means a monthly salary of Ksh 56,000. Now you can save more up to 45,000. Continue saving in the Sacco say for a period of 1 year, this will be a total of ksh 540,000.Now you can talk to your Sacco to top up your money by giving you a loan if necessary and launch the following year with a big and good business of your choice.

From their you can leave your other job and run your own huge business and continue achieving more.

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