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The different types of motor vehicle insurance covers in Kenya.

In Kenya, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without an insurance cover. This is why you need to get an insurance cover for you vehicle before you drive it. When you want to decide on which insurance company to go to, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. This is because some insurance companies are known to be very expensive and slow when it comes to settling claims. Below are the various types of insurance covers that you can take for you vehicle.

1. Third party.

This cover is loved by most car owners as it is very cheap to acquire. This type of insurance cover, covers loss caused to a third party by your vehicle. Incase you were to hit a pedestrian, then the insurance company will cover the cost of damages to the pedestrian amd not the driver of the vehicle.

2. Third party, fire and theft.

This insurance cover involves the third party as stated above and an insurance against theft and fire. In case you have this insurance conver, then the insurance company is likely to compensate you incase your vehicle is stolen or has caught a fire.

3. Comprehensive.

If you love your car that much, then this is the best insurance cover that you can go for. This is because this covers your car incase of theft or an accident. Incase you are involved in an accident, then the insurance company will help you repair it or replace it for you if they cant fix it.

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