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6 Habits of avoiding poverty

There is no such thing as getting rich quickly.If you are able to abandon these habits you must be able.

Being consumed by failure

Do not get confused,Failure is horrible and you shouldn't let that stop you from taking risks.its easy to figure out how to start a business or do something even when you are afraid.Dealing with your fear of toxic money habits or your screwed up belief about what others think about you? that's a tad more involved

Don't save

Saving all you money will never make you rich.Wealth is build through tangible assets such as a profitable business.Ability to save shows the level of discipline, honestly when you get some money your ego will push you until you exhaust everything.But as someone who really wants to be free from poverty,start saving today who knows?

A wise person saves not because doesn't have what he will use the money for but because he is a person whose knowledge of money is noteworthy.

Your goals are vague

This is probably more common among younger people.If you don't have any goals, you're likely to be more care-free with your money.When you have specific,targeted goals it's alot easier to tell yourself,"I'm not going to buy that because I need to put this money towards my debt".

Watching too much TV

Wasting time is a hallmark of poor people.Rich people have small television with big libraries,poor people have small libraries with big television.Exercising and educating yourself rather than watching tv is making productivity of time and a hallmark of avoiding poverty

Dating wrong people

In life you will only be successful if you sorround yourself with right people.Replace the negative and toxic people with motivating,supportive and optimistic people


The majority reports that gambling occurred prior to becoming homeless.Unemployment might further contribute to gambling tendecies.Without employment whether through lack of opportunities of the inability of work.Gambling can become a copying strategy to deal with complex social and health problems.

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