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How To Make Money

People struggle to make money for different reasons, may be to become billionaires or become superior in the society,some to live a freestyle life where there is no stress.Majority still have no idea on money is made,It is easy,start to learn by reading these untold stories about how to make money.

1.One is by creating problems to sell solutions

Majority of billionaires you see around are in the position because some of them created problems then sold solutions to the society.Then got alot of money at the end. For example people in some countries can create problems like manufacturing a virus which infects people thereafter sell the drugs to cure the disease.

2. Online Platforms

People Create online Platforms where they do marketing for their goods they sell just like the CEO of the Alibaba did.Tycoons offer alot of services online and when people visit the sites to either do some trading.

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