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How to check if your identity card has registered another phone number

Kenyans place a premium on their national identification cards. It establishes a person's gender, given name, and geographic location.

If your identification card falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to illegally register mobile numbers or to obtain mobile loans via the mobile money lending system.

Certain individuals have realized that their names have been added to a credit bureau as a result of unpaid mobile loan balances.

They discovered that their identification cards were used to register mobile phone numbers that were used to get the loans when they followed the trail.

As a result of their personal information being used, some people have found themselves in the middle of crimes they did not commit.

Notify the appropriate authorities and obtain a police abstract if you lose your identification card.

Consult your mobile service provider's customer service department or phone their customer service lines to determine if any additional mobile numbers are registered on your identity card.

Safaricom has added a new stage to the SIM registration process for confirming ID numbers.

Safaricom will send you an SMS to your main number if you acquire an additional SIM card during the registration procedure.

The SMS will be sent from the 707 area code and will enquire as to the validity of the registration.

Customers will respond with either a "YES" or "NO."

You will receive a text message from 707 if someone attempts to register a SIM card using your ID number.

If you receive this SMS but are not enrolling for a new SIM card, simply respond "NO" to prevent someone from registering a SIM card using your ID.

In Kenya, we've witnessed an upsurge in fraud as crooks steal people's identities, forge papers or transactions, or just deceive people into sending money to the wrong numbers. Additionally, we've noticed an increase in the number of individuals reported to credit bureaus for taking out loans without their authorization via applications.

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