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Credit card loan


How Can I Know My CRB Status?

A positive CRB Status means that you are consistent in paying your loans while negative means you have been blacklisted.

If you are having a positive CRB Status it means that you can be able to get loan from any lender in the country. If you are blacklisted you are blocked and you cannot get any loan from any lender in the country.

To know the status of your CRB using metropol organization do the following.

Step 1) Pay ksh. 50 as a registration fee through pay bill number 220 388.

Step 2) The account number is your identification number.

Step 3) You will receive a unique code with a reference number and a link.

Step 4) Open your dial pad, dial *433#

Step 5) Enter your pin and you will be able to receive your details via the SMS.

If you are blacklisted to find out who blacklisted you, you will be required to pay ksh. 250

To get the clearance certificate you will be required to pay ksh. 2,200 for it to be processed.

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