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Checkout How Unpaid Loans and Being Listed in CRB may Affect Your Huduma Card Collection Message

Money lending platforms always have a right to report you to the CRB for not paying your loans as per the terms and conditions agreed when borrowing loans. Right now so many people are now listed in CRB after borrowing money and never pay back. This is usually not a very good things because it may affect you in so many ways. Being listed in CRB may affect your credit score such that you may not be able to secure loans from money lending platforms.The best thing is that even after being ranked in CRB you can still clear by following a short process. The government started distributing Huduma Cards back last year. One is expected to receive a message that will confirm that the card is ready for collection. When registering for this card, one was supposed to give a phone number that will receive the collection message.

It is quite true that so many people have ended up dumping their old simcard after borrowing money that one has no intention of paying back.Others have registered new simcards after getting fuliza that one finds hard to pay. This being the case some have not been able to receive the Huduma card collection messages because their phone numbers are not reachable.

If you are one of the people who changed their Huduma cards or any other reason, you can still consult Huduma Kenya or through their website to know how you will get your card. You may be allowed to give your new details or how you can get your card if it was already dispersed. Please share.

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