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Checkout the Amount of Money you can Have in a Year if you Purpose to be Saving Ksh 500 Every Week

Sometime even the smallest effort in your life can have so mach impact in your life. Right now 500 shillings is viewed to be so little money. If you get to a supermarket with this cash expecting to do some shopping, you may realize that its so little to budget on.On the other hand if you purpose to be saving this amount of money in every week, at the end of the year you would have good money to start a project you have been wishing to start.Right now, there are so many ways in which you can start saving. You can use your mswari account or even your bank account. You just need to activate your mobile banking so that you won't need to visit the bank everyday to deposit. Therefore you will be able to deposit so easily through your mpesa.

If you are operating a small business that is not making so mach profit, you can just get your 500 in every week for your saving. Its advisable to lock your account so that you cannot withdraw your savings before they get to the money you wish for. You can as well set a target in a way that the your account will not allow any withdrawal before you get to your target.

If you are unemployed just getting your payments may every day or weekly, you can purpose to save atleast 500 in a week. If you are saving 500 in a week, it means that in a month you will saving about 2,000 in a month. One the other hand you will be able to get some interest in the money you are saving. In one year, you will have more than 24,000 which is good money to start a project. Days are going so fast when you start saving you realize even 3 years are so less and by the time they are over you will be having enough money for your project.

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