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Tricks to Avoid Being Broke

Everyone wants to save money. We all have our ways of doing so; ever wanted to start saving, wondering where to begin? Here are some tips that can help you save successfully. First and foremost, you need to start with paying all the debt. The larger the debt, the heavier the burden. It is difficult to start saving when you spend a lot every month servicing those debts when you are through; money previously paid as interest can easily be saved.

Set goals for saving

Once you are done with debts, you can set goals and targets with timelines for easier savings. If you want to own a plot in two years' time, this will be your target, and you know how much you will need to save regularly. Never be afraid to start with a bit of amount; it adds up to something eventually.

Record all your expenses

When I say all, I mean all, including coffee, snacks any item that you buy. This helps you to monitor your spending habits and is the best way to start saving. Buying stuff on impulse may cost you a lot since you can buy others that may be unnecessary. Think about giving yourself time, a period to rethink and convince yourself well enough. However, this needs discipline, without which impulse buying becomes tragic to your saving.

Develop a saving rule

You can develop a rule that states the time you will save, like 20 days, and save money that you could have used in impulse buying In your savings account. You can deny yourself unnecessary snacks, new clothes, shoes, and others and save. At the end of the period, if you still need that item, buy it. This helps you to overcome impulse buying and boosts your savings habit over time.


Imagine your account balance is hovering slightly above zero. This is after you have paid all your bills? If you always have money at your disposal, you will have a lot of extra spending, which results from impulse buying. How about you keep your extra money in an account that is difficult for you to access? This makes you feel poor artificially and financially squeezed hence lead to almost ‘zero’ extra spending. This helps you save a lot and spend only when necessary.

To be an adult is not easy these days. You have to train yourself in every way possible to do what you wish, in this case, saving. In conclusion, let us commit ourselves to better spending habits and save as much as possible; we can do this.

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