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6 Money Secrets The Wealthy Don't Want You To Know.

1. They use other people's money

For the rich, the key is to leverage other people's money to increase their own wealth.

2. Money works for them, not the other way round

The wealthy know that making money doesn't always require hard work. They take every opportunity to generate new sources of passive income.

3. They don't go alone

Wealthy people don't always know the most about finances or investing, but they do understand the value of expert advice from a professional.

4. They put it in writing

The difference between having an idea and putting it on paper is often what separates the super successful from average folks.

5. They are their own boss

According to Forbes, nearly all of the 1,426 people on its list of billionaires made their fortunes through a business.

Employees work to make their bosses rich. If you're aiming for true wealth, consider starting your own business.

6. They are Financially Literate

College Graduates spend 16 years gaining a skill to earn them money, yet no time on how money actually works.

The rich are smart enough to exploit the loopholes in education system and learn financial literacy by themselves.

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