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Can one be Wealthy and Rich?

There are many definition s for being rich and wealthy which are debatable.

Being rich is about how much money you appear to make while being wealthy is about how much much you have.

There are people who make (assume 1000USD) but they have little to show it because they spend it all but there some who use the same amount save and invest.

There's nothing wrong with being rich and making alot money.And also there's nothing wrong with buying things that make you happy.Also there is nothing wrong with building wealth and not spending if that makes you happy.

What does being rich mean?

Defining rich as making alot of money:some people are really good at spending everything they have no matter how much money they make While some people are not able to save no matter how much money they make.

What does it mean to be wealthy?

Wealth is more about assets and money you keep than the money you make.

Can you be rich and wealthy?

If we define rich as earning alot money and wealthy as having assets or passive income,one can do both.Investing as much as you can is the way to go.With time you can pass your wealth and cash flow to your kids,wife or husband or someone else.lastly,The amount of money you make each year doesn't make you wealthy though it may make you rich.How you make your money,what you love in life,how much you save and invest and how much passive income you have all affect how wealthy you are.Thank you.

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