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How to protect your credit/debit card from fraudsters

These are the simple safety measures one should consider to protect his/her credit or debit card from being used by fraudsters;

1. Do not share your debit/credit card PIN with anyone

It is advised that one should avoid sharing his PIN with anyone however much you trust that person. One can easily use your secret PIN to tap money from your account without your permission. Note that you should not share your PIN even with the bank officials.

2. Make payments with your debit/credit cards only on trusted online stores

When purchasing items online, one should always check the credibility of the online store before proceeding to make payment using his/her credit/debit card. Before filling in your card details, first, check if the online store is a genuine one.

3. Report to your bank immediately If your card is lost or stolen

If you lose your card accidentally or your card is stolen, the best thing to do is to report it immediately, to your bank. One can physically visit his/her nearest branch or one can write an email to the bank or one can use various online platforms offered by the bank to report the issue. After reporting, the card will be deactivated immediately to avoid anyone from using it without your permission.

4. Do not share your debit/credit card

Your card is not meant to be shared with anyone. If you want to send someone to the stores to get you something, please use cash or other safe means of payment, avoid sending someone Io the store with your card revealing to him/her your PIN.

5. When you're card expires, return it to the bank.

Cards have a particular lifespan after which they expire when your card surpass this period Ind expires, return the card to the bank and avoid disposing of it on your own.

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