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Are You Denied Loans? Find Out How to Check Your CRB Status

The harsh economic conditions brought about by Covid-19 pandemic has forced many Kenyans to find themselves accessing loans from mobile apps and banks. Getting a loan without having a mechanism of how you are going to pay it off can be a challenge. In most cases, the mobile app loan lenders can list you in the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) even of you owe them as little as shs. 100.

Even after the President announced that all loan defaulters owing financial institutions less than ksh. 1000 were delisted from the Credit Reference Bureau. This year things have been different since Kenyans are on the same journey of borrowing. There are three ways on how you can check your CRB status.

1. Metropol Services.

To be a registered individual by Metropol, you are required to send Kshs through their paybill number 220388 and use your national ID number as the account number. A unique code with a reference number and a link will be send to you via an active SMS. Clicking on the link will tell the institution that has blacklisted you from accessing loans. Alternatively, you can log in to the Metropol online portal and follow the prompts. To get a clearance certificate will require you to pay Kshs. 2200.

2. TransUnion

You can register with Trans Union through the TransUnion Nipashe App or by sending your full official names to 21272 via text messages. You will be notified whether you are in default or your loan status is good.

Checking your CRB status allows to have prior plans incase you have an emergency that requires immediate financing.

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