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9 Reasons You Should Want To Be Rich

Most people only want to be rich to fulfill their current wishes and dreams above their budget.They rarely let themself imagine the whole extent to which their life could change with more money.This is probably why so few people pursue wealth with serious effort.After all, your wish for a more expensive car or designer handbag is unlikely to justify the hard work it will take to achieve lasting wealth:

1. You can buy whatever your heart desires.Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way first. When you are rich, you can buy whatever your heart desires. Depending on how rich you are, you will never have to look at a price tag again. Maybe only when you think about buying an island or yacht or something in similar realms.But hey, what are a few million dollars if you are wealthy, right?

2. Money makes pretty.They have a better style, seem more in shape, have a flattering haircut, and their makeup and skin are perfect.Being rich enables you to get a stylist who will bring the best out of your looks. It allows you to get a personal trainer who can tell you exactly how to train to get the body of your dreams.

You can consult a nutritionist who will help you with the perfect diet to avoid health issues. And you can afford regular dermatologist appointments to make your skin look amazingYou can also afford better hairdressers to get that haircut that perfectly flatters your face. You can see that money opens many doors to you that will make you look simply stunning.

3. Money can make you healthier.Having a lot of money and not needing to stick to a budget enables you to afford the best, healthiest food. So instead of cheap fast food or frozen stuff, you can get the freshest fruits, herbs, meat.

And as mentioned above, you can afford to regularly consult a specialist like a personal trainer or nutritionist, who will help you on your way to optimal health.And another fantastic thing that most people do not have much access to due to high costs is body hacking. So there is a whole industry on how to hack your body to achieve optimal health.

4. You can support your family more effectively.Are your parents enjoying their jobs? Statistically, they most likely aren’t. So how great would it be if you could send them into early retirement through your financial support.Being rich gives you incredible opportunities to support your family on an entirely different level. 

For example, you could pay their mortgage or pull them out of other debts. You could also send your children to the best schools available.

5. You can help so many other people.Of course, other than your family, money also enables you to help others who are in need all around the world.For example, you can donate significant sums of money, organize schools in developing countries or help others become rich through your support and coaching.

The possibilities are endless. And once you have your needs fulfilled, you will want to experience the joy that comes from helping others. That way, you can also look back on your life and be proud of the happiness you brought to other people.

6. You can make a global impact.Being wealthy enables you to make a significant impact on the world. For example, you can invest your money into developing new technology. Or you can use it to clean the oceans.

While the previous point focused more on short-term contributions, making an impact means that your contribution will live on for many decades and maybe even far beyond your death.

7. You can spend your time the way you want to.At Striving for Felicity, we believe that time is your most valuable asset. Most people have to spend their time earning money. However, if you are rich, you can let your money work for you and spend your time truly living life to its fullest.

Can you imagine a life where you spend every single day exactly the way you want to.Most likely, you’d still find work to do, but it would be works that fulfill you and don’t make you wish for the weekend to come.

8. You can experience more.Our world offers the most amazing experiences you could dream of. Sadly, many of them do require a substantial amount of money. And the more you want to experience, the more money you need.Being rich enables you to go to expensive events like Coachella or the VIP areas of concerts. You can also afford more online courses and coaches to help you improve into your best version.

9. You (potentially) worry less. If you are rich, you don’t have to worry about money. Obvious, I know. But if you think about it, money is among the biggest worries of ordinary people. And no wonder they have to think about it when they purchase food, when they buy clothes, when they want to travel, when they have to get out of debt and when their payroll comes in.

Money is everywhere in our daily life, and if you don’t have more than enough of it, you always have to decide whether or not something is worth the purchase.Those constant mental calculations are annoying, exhausting, and rob you of so much time. 

So yes, rich people have to worry less about money. However, this only potentially means that they worry less in general. Although they have a lot of money, many rich people are not happy because they worry about other things relationships, for example. Or, even worse, they keep obsessing over things that lie outside of their control.Remember, happiness comes from within and doesn’t depend on outward circumstances.

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