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4 Things a Teacher need to take in consideration before the July TSC increment

1.Linear income is good but passive one is better. A salary can't make one financially independent but investment.

"One man used his energy to built a water pipe to his home when he was energetic, when he became old and weak he continued drinking the free flowing water with ease that's passive income. Compare that with another one who just relied on his energy to fetch water with a bucket all his days. When he became old and weak,he died of thirst."

2.Be warn of SACCOs loans.SACCO's can make or break depending on how behaves around a number of loans products they offer they will come for you

3.Avoid shylocks like plague,the mushrooming lenders whose names I don't want to mention will be on you neck too.

They know all your details but don't ask me where they found them.

You will receive a number of calls and messages from them.

4.Avoid also some back street insurance companies who promise heaven but deliver hell.

5.Avoid guaranteeing loans for colleagues you don't know.

You enter into a SACCO's front office and you find this fellow who only needs one signature to secure a loan facility

Sign it at your own risk,even among those you know ,some are crafty they take loan to desert duties leaving you with a burden.

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