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Simple way to regain lost Kcpe, Kcse certificate and birth certificate.

Picture borrowed for illustration.In one way or the other you can loose your certificates or maybe misplace them.Certificates are very important since when one needs to apply for a job or continue with education,certificates are needed.When you lose your certificates there is no need of worrying anymore.

For example when you loose your birth certificate you just need to apply for another or go to the nearest huduma centre.You will be charged an amount of less than two hundred and wait a short period of time until it is processed.

If you happen to lose your Kcpe or Kcse certificate .This will take a small process.You will need to go to knec website and apply for you lost certificate.This certificates are a bit expensive when applying.You will need to pay five thousand Kenyan shillings plus eight hundred shillings which is for value added tax.If you lose either there is no need of worrying anymore since you can recover them.

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