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8 Financial Lessons I Learned From The Book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

1. Put your money to work

You cannot get rich with your money in savings account. Invest it in appreciating assets.

2. Amount of money retained matters

It is not the amount of money you make. It's the amount of money you keep that matters.

3. Acquire assets

Rich people acquire assets while poor accumulates liabilities. Your choices will determine your fate.

4. You are not born to work for others for lifetime

Most people consider this slavery as their life. Completely forgetting the life possible beyond that.

5. Gain Financial Knowledge

Learn about investing, markets, accounting, sales and others. It will help you make overall better financial decisions.

6. Winning means not being afraid to lose

Never be afraid to take calculated risks. Those who always play it safe never make big fortunes.

7. Pay Yourself First

Every month, first invest in your income-generating assets,The rest of expenses should be next to it.

8. Dream Big

You cannot earn millions by just dreaming of a small job. Plan and dream big ventures and play with heart.

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