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4 Things You Are Doing That Will Keep You Poor For The Rest Of Your Life

Numerous people consistently fall into debt because they are manifestly incompetent at handling their cash. Even though their income places them well over the poverty line, their pattern of excessive spending keeps them in poverty.

What is the main cause of poverty or other financial difficulties among people? Click through to learn what issues they claim are keeping you in debt as well as what they advise you to do to make things better.

1. Ignoring substantial debts

Stacks of bills and late notices are a major cause of worry and dread when you're poor. However, putting off these issues and failing to handle your debts just makes things worse.

2. Decreasing future financial needs in favor of today's happiness

Often, poverty is generational. You might only be in poverty because your family has always been poor.

People who should be financially stable may not be, frequently because the choices they make don't take their future needs into account. Making conscious decisions that require some thought about the future isn't as satisfying at the moment as picking something that they believe will have an immediate positive impact on happiness.

3. They work hard to win people over.

You will come across a man who toils all day to support himself and gives over half of his money to a woman he will never even marry. Some people who are married spend that money on women who are not their wives. With their mindless buddies, they squander money on entertainment. Their income disappears as quickly as it appears.

4. Excessive Housing Costs

Perhaps it's time to start thinking about downsizing. The primary cause of financial hardship is excessive rent or mortgage payments.

Instead of the 28 to 30 percent range that most banks permit, you should aim to keep housing costs under 20 percent of your income as a general guideline.

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