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Simple Way To Remove Your Name From CRB Listing

Being in Credit Reference Bureu(CRB) means your loan stayed past the agreed time without you repaying.

This report is usually submitter to CRB a body in Kenya that deals with loans. Usually most of the youths nowadays are broke and looking for easyand quick ways to get loans.

How do you clear your name from CRB online? According to Credit info, you don't have to pay any amount to clear your name on the CRB list. What you have to do is to just clear the loan with the institution you took the loan from. Then they will update your loan balance to zero that means you have cleared the debt you owed to them.

So if you want to remove your name from CRB, you will have to clear with the institution that gave you the loan and when your loan balance is zero then it will automatically detect that you don't have any outstanding loan and your name will not be in CRB

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CRB Credit Reference Bureu( Kenya


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