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How To Reverse M-pesa Money Successfully

M-Pesa is a popular mobile money transfer service that has revolutionized the financial landscape in several countries, including Kenya. While M-Pesa transactions are typically quick and convenient, there may be instances where you need to reverse a transaction due to an error or an unintended transfer. In this article, we will guide you through the process of reversing M-Pesa transactions and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the necessary steps involved. Read more...

Important Considerations:

Before delving into the process of reversing M-Pesa transactions, it's crucial to note the following key points:

Eligibility: Only transactions made in error or without the recipient's authorization can be reversed.

Timeframe: You can initiate a reversal within 45 days from the date of the transaction.

Transaction Status: Reversals can only be attempted if the recipient has not withdrawn or used the funds.

Fees: M-Pesa may charge a nominal fee for processing the reversal, which will be deducted from your account if the reversal is successful.

Steps to Reverse an M-Pesa Transaction:

Collect Transaction Details: Gather all the necessary information related to the transaction you wish to reverse. This includes the recipient's phone number, the transaction ID, and the amount transferred. The transaction ID can be found in the M-Pesa message received after the transaction. read more...

Contact M-Pesa Customer Support: To initiate a reversal, you need to reach out to M-Pesa customer support. There are several ways to contact them: Read more...

  • Call M-Pesa Customer Care: Dial the M-Pesa customer care number specific to your country. In Kenya, for example, the number is 234.
  • Visit an M-Pesa Agent: Locate the nearest M-Pesa agent and visit them in person.
  • Use the MySafaricom App: Install the MySafaricom app on your smartphone and initiate a reversal request through the app.

Provide Transaction Details: When contacting M-Pesa customer support, be prepared to provide the transaction details you collected earlier. Explain the reason for the reversal and provide any additional information they may require. Ensure you have your M-Pesa account details and identification documents readily available. Read more...

Await Investigation: Once you have submitted the reversal request, M-Pesa will initiate an investigation into the transaction. They will examine the validity of your claim and verify the information provided. This process may take a few days. Read more...

Confirmation and Notification: After completing the investigation, M-Pesa will notify you of the outcome via SMS or phone call. If the reversal is successful, the amount will be credited back to your M-Pesa account. In case the reversal is not possible, M-Pesa will provide an explanation for their decision. Read more...


Reversing an M-Pesa transaction is feasible within a specific timeframe and under certain circumstances. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can initiate the reversal process and rectify unintended transfers or erroneous transactions. Remember to gather all the required information, promptly contact M-Pesa customer support, and patiently await the investigation and final outcome. Read more more...

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