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Have you Ever Been Scammed Out Good Money? Ways of Identifying Scammer

Have you ever been scammed and your brain goes numb? How did you feel? It feels heartbreaking to lose your money to people who did not work for it. I myself once lost some cash to scammers. Now I have decided to share some light on major tips of identifying online and offline scammers.

With this knowledge in your head, I bet you will never fall into scammers traps. Scammers use brain game to confuse you into what they want, then used that to reap off your money.

Where are scammers found? Surprisingly this people are on all social media platforms and accounts....some even own websites. Can they be tracked? Of course yes, but this takes a longer period because there is a process involved. Most of them use devises that are hard to track and once they are done they dispose it.

1. Regular social media scammers.

Nowadays, most of them come in the name of,

i) Mwitu bundles

ii) Cracking referrals platforms

iii) KPLC tokens

iv) Football legit odds

v) YouTube subscribers

vi)Instagram accounts, etc.

Above are just the popular ways they use, to get you into their trap. They offer the above services and states the prices as shown in the screenshot below.

Once they are sure you need that they will ask you to send the amount they have indicated to a certain contact, and offer the service once they receive the money. The minute you send the money, your partner in that deal disappears into the thin air. You are left stranded not knowing what to do next. Never send money to strangers offering you a certain service or anything online. If he is legit tell them to work first then you Will send the money later. If they refuse, block and report them if its on WhatsApp.

2. Offline scammers.

These are the most dangerous as they still big amounts of cash if you have. This is how they do it to get your attention. First they will send a text message with the same format of m-pesa message. If you are not keen, you will think someone has sent you some money and get overexcited about it. When you receive that message after few seconds someone will call you. This person will say that he has mistakenly sent money to you referring to that message. They will claim to have called safaricom agents and will notify you that the agent will call you to reverse that money. They will also ask you if you had any money in the account.

After that, you will receive another call from a different person claiming to be a safaricom agent. If you already fell into their trap, they will ask you to look for another phone they can use to call you with. Once you have given them the other phone number, they will call using it and request you to dial the digits they tell you on your phone. Then they will tell you to try calling someone, they will lie to you that the process must be completed by you giving them some details. By the time you realize you ha e been conned, it is too late because they are nowhere to be found. This is the kind of message they send.

3. Fishing links scams.

This is a viral scam, especially on WhatsApp. You will receive a text with a link saying you can win some amounts or gifts, and you should visit to receive yours.

Once you click that link, you are directed to a page where you ate required to fill in your details in order to receive the gift. You fill in all the details including your phone number. Then a congratulations message is displayed. You are then requested to share that link to 20 people or 10 groups. This is not the exact number they will tell you to share to. After you are done they ask you to share to another group and from there the account stops responding. By giving in your details they gain access to your profiles, and they are able to impersonate. Once they create this accounts, they will commit cyber crimes and even borrow loans in your name.

You should be very careful when interacting with people online. Don't go registering under links you don't even know their sources. Many people have been conned thousands of money and I have decided to write this to save those in the darkness of technology. Share this message widely to reach those who are not aware of this. Let's help a brother or sister out there to save them from scammers. Share widely.

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