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Ten Ways Of Managing Your Finances

1. Invest in assets. Assets can include cryptos, bonds, gold, real estate and stocks. Know the company, get to know its prospects and also statistics like market cap, revenue ,earnings and cash flow. Then you can make a decision of taking the risk .

2. Never complain. Complaining about money and other people's positions is a waste of time and energy that could be reciprocated elsewhere. Being envious and comparing your life to other people's life may even make your business friends not to have koy working with you.

3. Start a business/job that's so easy to you. If whatever you love doing can be exploited to earn money, start it right away. So if you love singing; why can't you have an account in let's say youtube, post the song, get comments, likes subscribers and at the end of it, you will earn something.

4. Get to optimize for the long term not short term. Don't be happy at the immediate outcome but still use that energy for the weeks and months to come.

5. Pay yourself first. Have some savings for the long term goals, because the goal is always achieved when enough has been saved.

6. Don't focus on hourly work. They won't pay you that much, if just being a doctor doesn't pay, why don't you open your own hospital to increase your pay. This is because you will be the one having the equity of your company, if your remain focusing on hourly payments, you have very slim chances of making abundant money.

7. Live below your means. Stay for sometime without buying whatever you usually buy that isn't basic as you can live without it.

8. Know your worth. Value yourself first. Believe in yourself and outsource anything that can make your star continue shinning bright.

9.Remain with the same lifestyle once you start making money since if you start showing off by purchasing luxury items, that means plans for the long terms can be broken.

10. Last but least, develop new skills each and every day. New skills increases what you can do to earn more money, that means you should be ready to move out of your comfort zone and boost all your earning potentials.

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