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Passive Ways Of making Extra Income In Kenya

In our current generation relying on one source of income is becoming difficult as we are not able to predict future government policies such as lockdowns.

Knowing this, it is better to have more sources of income where you can rely on the other if one fails without necessarily requesting financial help from your friends or relatives. Here are some ways of making money online that can be done passively or full time. Firstly you can create content and upload it on various sites such as youtube,viusasa or operanewshub and get some income when you meet their requirements.

Secondly, you can look for students from developed countries and make some cash through academic writing. However, there are some steps that you should start such as learning the formats of writing the content requested by the student and also knowing where to get the content from.

You can also make money online passively by taking pictures of items being sold by your friends and such as furniture and electronics and market them and get a commission when one purchase. in this, you have to look for the best items that suit your customers and be honest so that they can give you a good review in the future.

Lastly, you can look for investment platforms and buy shares or trade forex. In companies first, do research on previous performance of the company to avoid being conned. for forex look for mentors who will assist you because this is one of the riskiest investments. Thank you

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