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How To Earn Money Online In Kenya

Online entrepreneurship has become one of the booming business. Many have venture in it and make millions of money. It is a source of income to many young people in Kenya. If you are not employed, you can try this online gigs that can boost your income either part-time or full time. Here are ways to guide you on how to earn money online.

1. You can start by offering freelance writing services. Apart from being the most demanded online skill right now, freelancing offers a wide opportunity as it involves writing articles, social media posts, blogs, and emails hence making over 12k effortless.

2. Start affiliate marketing with companies such as jumia and Alibaba. Believe this is the most profitable way of making money online and earning over 10k a month. In these way, you're referring clients to buy items on this sites, and you earn a commission from it.

3. Blogging, you can start a blog website anywhere at any time. Write about any topic you are interested. Write articles about something and start earning money. There are several sites that offers both free and paid services. This site includes blogger and WordPress. Or paid site like blue host where they charge you some certain percentage of money to host your site.

4. To become a web developer, might be seen not to be a one start up tap of getting rich quickly. But it will take time to boom, this one of the best also online idea when you create and sell website to individuals client, companies or cooperate societies.

5. Drops-shipping, is changing lives. It has risen to be one of the most online business in demand. Here you can build your online store and earn cash. Here you place an item on your store, someone like it place an order, and you deliver it. And business continue that way.

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