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Reasons Why You Should Do Your Best To Escape Poverty

Poverty is wrenching, tormenting, devastating and heartbreaking. Poverty is the climate where the Seeds of suicide grow and flourish. It strips a man of his self-confidence and sense of worth. It blurs the visions of his dreams and goals. Focus is broken.

Poverty is where the weeds of anger and cynicism grow the quickest. I cannot think of anything good about poverty. Yet, many have not learned to despise the chains of bankruptcy and poverty. Poverty is not a friend with whom to negotiate.

Poverty is an enemy to be destroyed. Poverty is captivity. It is slavery. You must recognize that financial captivity is unnatural. You must develop a hatred to smash the chains that hold you back from financial abundance.

You may never taste the financial success you deserve until you see the tragedy of loss, bankruptcy, and poverty. I have walked the streets of Calcutta, India, and watched children with fingers inside food cans trying to find some moist soup or something left in a can so they can survive.

I have watched wagons roll through the streets of Calcutta picking up the dead bodies of people who died along the sidewalks at night. Yes, I have watched them burn those bodies and people weeping and crying...because of poverty.

Poverty stops us from building more great churches, uncommon television ministries, and radio evangelism. It stops a missionary from having enough to start another ten thousand churches for God.

Poverty is a spirit. It happens inside you before it happens around you. Men deteriorate inwardly before their business deteriorates. 

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