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How To Save Money Fast.

Some people find it hard to save money. Here are some tips that might help you change your attitude towards saving:

1. Set Saving Goals.

Decide on what you want to save for, then find out how much you need. Starting by short term saving and buying what you planned for. This will encourage your more and find saving enjoyable.

2. Cut Your Expenses.

Budget well with your income and try to downgrade your services. Use the 30 days rule if possible .Aim at saving at least 10% of your income.

3. Make Priorities.

List the things you would want to save for. Identify the ones that should come first without forgetting the long term goals e.g education for your children or retirement.

4. Pick The Right Saving Tool.

Where would you like to save at. Is it home banking, account or Mary go round. Choose the one that you think suits you best.

5. Make Your Saving Automatic.

Sharing and depositing your savings directly will help you avoid thinking about them.

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