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Great Financial Lessons on How To Spend You Twenties


Being between twenty and thirty years is among the most stressful age group that may end up depressing someone as the expectations are high with loss of peer pressure. This age group comes with a lot of responsibilities being a student, starting a young family for some and the pressure to succeeding financially is the motto of the day. The urge to enjoy your youthful days is high and many end up being addicted to some drugs.

Financial literacy is important as it will help you manage your thirties as you begin to mould your future life and family.

Always resist the urge to spend money on things you don't need - Don't spend money on things you can do without as peer pressure may make one strain just to dress the latest fashion and trends in town to please his or her friends. Always live within your limits and don't compete with anyone.

Savings wisely - At this age group, most responsibilities can be catered for by parents and the extra cash you have it can be saved with an end game of having a good investment plan in mind. You will start creating wealth early and this will help you grow financially. Always save first then you can spend what remains.


Build yourself with financial information - This will supplement the knowledge gained in class hence you won't misuse your cash. You can read books that are found online or buy hard copies and learn the budgeting plan that you need to be successful.

Always have a budget and Strictly follow it to the latter - This teaches the discipline of spending money hence you won't have an issue shortly.

However, all these strategies may make you strain yourself hard to achieve and limit some fundamentals factors you need to enjoy as a youth hence sometimes treat yourself by going out, date, travelling or doing a hobby.

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