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Always Do This After Withdrawing Money From Mpesa Agent To Be Safe

Mpesa is a mobile banking platform which was launched in the year 2007 by Vodafone and Safaricom. It's one of the most used platforms for the following services, withdrawing money, sending money, buying goods and services using till numbers, depositing money among many other services. Individuals who withdraw money using the mpesa service from an agent should always do the following to make sure their accounts are safe.

1.After withdrawing money from an Mpesa agent, always remember to carry along your original ID card, never leave your personal ID with the mpesa agent attendant.

2.Always never disclose your PIN to your mpesa agent attendant. It's personal and you should not tell him or her no matter the circumstance.

3.For those old parents or individuals who cannot operate their phones, should be accompanied by those individuals whom they trust most to carry the transactions on their behalf.

4.Always never disclose the total amount of money your have in your mpesa account to your mpesa agent for security reasons. Always keep your mpesa statements in secretly.

To conclude, withdrawing money through mpesa agent is the most frequently used form of transaction and thus when performing the transactions you should always be keen. It's always advisable not to withdraw huge amounts of cash in an Mpesa agent, kindly visit safaricom office if you intend to withdraw money above 1 million.

Thank you for your time.

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