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To Avoid KRA Penalty, File Nil Returns Alone Using These Steps On Your Phone.

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The whole procedure is simple and basic and does not necessitate any technological knowledge. To make this, procedure easier you don't need to wait in long lines at Huduma Centres or go to a cybercafé.

You'll need to undertake the nil filing process if you haven't earned any money. Since it is not difficult, it is a good idea to become conversant with the KRA nil returns portal to avoid any confusion.

If you practice basic accounting and bookkeeping, tax matters are never a problem. The Kenya Revenue Authority's job is to ensure that all economic sectors are taxed fairly in order to satisfy revenue collection goals. As a result, you must pay your taxes and file returns immediately to demonstrate compliance.

Everyone in Kenya with a registered PIN is obliged to declare their salary by June 30 of the subsequent year.

When someone is jobless and has no alternative source of income such as a rented property, firm, or consulting firm services they must file nil returns. Based on the current Tax Procedures Act, refusal to file nil returns can result in penalties and, keeping away from such penalties is the purpose of filing nil returns.

Step 1. Login.

Before you can file your KRA nil returns, you must first log in to the tax portal with your personal information and, if it's a company, the company's information from the KRA database.

As a result, make sure you have the required particulars such as:

1. Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by Kenya Revenue Authority (PIN).

2. Someone's tax login credentials.

Access the KRA portal online using your preferred browser. Click file returns after scrolling down to online services. The action will take you to the online tax page, where you will be presented with an empty spot in which you must enter your PIN. To continue, there is an empty text box on the left side of the page where you can enter your PIN or username and password. When you're through, click proceed. You'll be prompted to provide your passwords and respond to a mathematical validation stamp query, such as 60+50=?? If you forget your login, click the lost password/unlock account link beneath the login button. If the login operation is successful, you will be directed to your online tax page.

NOTE: If you don't have a PIN, you can receive one quickly by completing the simple application procedure on the tax website.

If you forget your password, you can create a new one using the password process of recovery. A password recovery link with directions for resetting your details will be sent to your registered email address.

Step 2. Select the type of return.

From the left, the opening page has a variety of drop-down choices, including home, registration, returns, debt and enforcement, and many others. To access the returns menu, place your cursor on returns, the third option from the left. From the drop-down menu, choose the fourth option. On the following page, the kind and taxpayer PIN sections are pre-filled. The only thing you'll have to do is pick a tax obligation.

Step 3. Fill returns.

Choose a section of a person who is a resident of Kenya and pays income taxes E-return is zero. The action will take you to a page where you must enter your PIN, your wife's PIN, and the period for which you want to return. Fill in the blanks as needed, then submit.

You will receive a return receipt with an acknowledgement number once you hit the submit button and everything goes smoothly. This form can be downloaded and saved as proof of filing. That's all there is to it when it comes to filing KRA returns online.

Before the deadline, share this information with a friend and leave a comment if you have any questions.

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